Lilly Dyer here to welcome you to my weight loss blog.

I really hope to be of help with all your weight loss needs from now henceforth. But who am I and why this diet blog? I am a mother to two adorable twin boys aged 4 years, Joe and Matt, and a wife to James Dyer. Before I delivered my boys I was a full-time receptionist at a firm near my home in Winifred, MT, but since they came along I have had to adjust to being a full-time mom but it was not until 2 years ago that I discovered the importance of coupons. How? I was looking for a reputable program online that would help me lose the baby weight that I gained with my last pregnancy. The first program that came to my mind was Weight Watchers. It costs about $40 a month, which at that time was a little more than I would afford. I researched online and found a coupon code. It saved me 30% for the first 3 months!

In this blog is my journey and what I have learned alongside updates on newly available coupons sourced from around the Internet. But most importantly, I am sharing my ideas about diet, nutrition, and weight loss.

Why I am a coupon addict? Just when the twins turned a year and half, my husband got sick and was in the hospital for about two months. He used to work for an an innovative chemical development company based in Ireland. The company specialized in chiral ligands, chiral catalysts and chiral building blocks. It was a supplier to the Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical & Biotechnology industries. Anyway, my husband breathed a lot of chemistry day in and day out, to the point his health was affected. He was hospitalized for a few weeks. Within this time, the demand for money exceeded its availability and I had to find a way to stretch. Coupons held the key to this and since my neighbor Veronica introduced me to the idea I have not looked back. Though my hubby is better now, the savings from couponing have been helping me save so much I at times wonder why I used to spend so much.

The company my husband worked for was called Celtic Catalysts. I named my blog after the name of this company, because thanks to them I discovered the rewarding world of blogging.

Being a stay home mom, shopping online is a hobby I enjoy and with coupons I can be able to shop so much more with the little money at hand. In this coupon blog, I will share all my shopping secrets with you; educate you on where to get the best coupons, how to utilize them and above all the power of saving by using coupon codes. Whenever I come across any coupon in my online surfing, I assure you that you will find it posted on my blog for your usage.

Whatever questions you may have simply contact me and let’s get talking. Happy couponing!