In this article, we are discussing facial fat and how to get rid of it. Facial fat is one of the key areas and one of the most problematic areas for most of you. I feel that the reason we get facial fat is because of our overall body fat percentage going high.

However, people do not realize that. People just think their body fat can be at any level but the face must look slimmer because of your public image when you are outside, when your take selfies or when you are in a party. So, the question is, “can your face look slimmer?”

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Can you reduce facial fat? Are there any specific exercises for facial fat? In this video, we are discussing five ways to eliminate fat from your face.


#1 Blowing balloons

This way might sound a little bit weird to you or it may seem that you go back to your childhood days as I am talking about blowing balloons. Remember when you were a child in a party and you used to blow balloons to make a more celebratory atmosphere? This is exactly what you have to do. When you blow balloons, you tend to lose a lot of fat from your cheeks.

Actually, blowing balloons is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of that cheek fat. Try blowing 4-5 balloons per day for any random reason, it might be just for fun or exercise, it might be for your kid’s birthday, it might be for you to look good on Facebook or Instragam.

#2 Facial massage

This way is ideal for women but it also works for men. Don’t worry about a professional masseuse. You only have to take any facial cream or lotion and start applying on your skin. In that way, you will see that you are scrapping your facial fat.

Talking about scrapping the fat, I mean that you exercise you have very limited exercises for facial fat besides talking and eating. So, by massaging your face you are making an effort to massage your facial bones or facial muscles and thus to reduce fat.

#3 Open and close your mouth in front of the mirror

Opening as much as you can you mouth every morning in front of the mirror is one of the most effective exercises you can do to eradicate your facial fat. Do about 3-4 repetitions and about 3 sets in front of a mirror and open as wide as you can your mouth and close it afterwards. In that way, you eliminate your jaw fat and your double chin.

#4 Chewing gum

You definitely have heard of this way of chewing gum to eliminate your facial fat. It does sound true for most of us and it certainly has been proven true for me. So, if you chew gum for 30 -45 minutes per day it will have a positive impact on your facial fat. Ideally, do the previous exercise (#3) and then go for chewing gum.

#5 Good diet

You have to watch your diet and stay away from Sodium because it leads to the retention of water. The first place where your body holds water is your face and your abdominals. These are the two problematic areas. You do not want that.

Watch your salt intake and stay away from any food that contains Sodium. Also, alcohol leads to water retention. If you have seen your face swollen in the morning after drinking, this is because alcohol leads to water retention.